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Amiata wildlife Park

The Wildlife Park of Monte Amiata is situated on the slopes of Mount Labbro (1193m); the park was instituted in 1994 and the main purpose of the Park as well as to preserve and protect the environment, is to promote this land developing the sustainable activities .They carry out training and educational activities, wildlife studies and research protecting endangered animal species. The wildlife area extends for 200 hectares and it’s considered the hub of all these activities. The park has a wide paths, easily navigable and well marked that allows you a good view, the service road 580m long, and 5 other tourist trails for a total of 13km.


The park is located about 20 minutes from Semproniano and is open from Tuesday until Sunday from 07.00 to 19.00. We can organize the whole day inside the reserve, even for groups up to 30 people.



Nibbio reale Repopulation Center



“When the wind does not reign in the air, then the kite flutter several times, so that it rises up and acquires impetum, it then flies down somewhat, goes through the area without flapping it’s wings ... "

LEONARDO DA VINCI, 1500 "Codex on the Flight of Birds"


With this Life Nature project we wanted to enrich the territory with the presence of this magnificent predatory bird, following a long and complex program. The presence now of about 50 individuals, released from the center of repopulation of Semproniano, symbolizes a promotion and attraction element in the high valley of Albegna river. The Royal Kite not only had no negative impact on agro-forestry and pastoral practice in the area but helps to control populations of rodents, magpies and crows.


At sunset, when they come to eat at the recovery center, you can admire and photograph them. Our touristic guides will accompany the guests who wish to see this wonderful daily ritual.

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